Mom Orders Disney ‘Moana’ Cake. She Gets Something Entirely Different. [VIDEO]

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There have been plenty of birthday cake blunders recently. Everything from mixing up the name to selling a styrofoam display cake, but this one may be the craziest yet. A mother ordered a birthday cake from Dairy Queen for her 25-year-old daughter that was supposed to be Disney’s “Moana” themed, but what they got was much different.

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Kensli Davis’ mother ordered the ice cream cake at a Georgia Dairy Queen earlier this week to commemorate her daughter’s 25th birthday.

When the employee taking the order over the phone asked if there was any specific theme they were looking for, Kensli’s mother told her to make it a “Moana” cake since her daughter loves the movie.

For whatever reason, perhaps the phone line cut off for a second, but the employee somehow thought she wanted a marijuana-themed ice cream cake, CNN reported.

“So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana,” Kensli wrote in a Facebook post. “Well needless to say these people thought she said marijuana.”

Kudos to whoever designed the cake though because there was some artistic value there. The cake has a large marijuana plant in the middle with a “My Little Pony” looking stoned with red eyes blowing out smoke from her snout.

According to the Facebook post, Kensli and her family in attendance at her party busted out laughing when they saw the ice cream cake. The blunder left those commenting on the post astonished, with some asking how they can order one.

“Love the cute ‘my little marijuana pony,’” one person commented, while another commented: Why in the f*** is a high my little pony on the cake.”

One person who wanted to replicate her cake asked, “I just need to know where she ordered it cause I want this.” The employee who made the cake apologized to the family and offered to make them another one, according to Yahoo.

Even though the cake wasn’t what the family ordered, they had no issue eating the cake, which they stated, “was still good.” Something tells me there will be an influx of these cakes ordered from that Dairy Queen in the next few weeks.