MMA Fighter Destroys 2nd Chinese Kung Fu Master in Match to Prove Chinese Martial Arts are “a Scam” [VIDEO]

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MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong has stirred up quite a controversy in China. When he previously knocked out a self-proclaimed Tai Chi Master, he boasted that traditional Chinese martial artists are no longer the superior fighters. Next, he set his sights on besting another Chinese mixed martial art form — Wing Chun.

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The fight took place on March 18, during the live-streaming combat show “City Fighting.” Xiaodong faced off against Ding Hao, a man who claims he is a descendant of the Kung Fu master Ip Man.

Before the fight, Xiaodong said he would prove traditional Chinese Kung Fu was nothing more than a scam, and he would defeat his opponent using only MMA tactics. Hao responded, challenging him to a fight. Hao said his fighting ability came from being a fourth-generation descendant of Ip Man, the man who mentored Bruce Lee.

The fight starts with Hao moving swiftly around on his feet throwing a few jabs. Xiaodong put his hands down, seemingly unfazed by his opponent. Xiaodong then quickly retaliated with a barrage of his own, connecting on every strike.

Hao didn’t fare much better as the fight progressed. In the three minute video, Hao was knocked down a total of six times. By the end of the fight, he had blood coming from his face.

The judges ruled the fight to be a draw, drawing ridicule from the public watching. The fight put Hao’s self-proclaimed heritage into question, and many wondering why Hao seemed to do little to beat his opponent.

The Chinese Wing Chun Association denounced their association with Hao, according to Chinese sports columnist Yang Hua. People began rewatching the fight to see his technique and form.

One commenter wrote: “See the way he throws his punches, it does not look like Wing Chun at all.” Others echoed similar sentiments of him not looking the part and pointed out his lack of speed as a fighter.

Xiaodong, who is nicknamed “Mad Man,” added another notch of victory to his belt with this fight. He plans to continue to fight traditional Chinese martial artists to prove as he says that those arts are now purely “a scam.”