Country Star Stops Mid-Song and Breaks Down Into Tears After Seeing Veteran’s Sign

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Miranda Lambert’s concerts are known for their emotional moments. The country singer often gets choked-up singing “The House that Built Me.” Her unique ability to connect with her audiences in a way that is both genuine and sincere is partly responsible for her enduring popularity.

08202316 c6

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Her concert in Hartford, Connecticut last week, though, was different.

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While Lambert was singing, a man held up a sign in the audience. Most of these sorts of homemade signs profess enduring love. This one did, too–but in a much more complicated way.

08202316 c1

“3 combat tours…your voice was the last thing I heard every night. Thank you.”

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The solider who had brought the sign moved Lambert and the crowd, too. She began crying as she showed the sign to the crowd. And she wasn’t the only one. Many at the concert were overwhelmed with emotion.

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Lambert couldn’t even finish singing the song. Instead, the audience picked up “The House that Built Me,” and Lambert let them carry it through to the end.

You can see the veteran’s reaction in this video: