Minor League Team Loses Game in the Most Mortifying Way Possible [VIDEO]

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One would think that the most fundamental thing an athlete should know is the current score of the game they’re playing in. In a minor league baseball game between Norfolk and Scranton Wilkes-Barre, the two teams were deadlocked at 5-5 at the top of the 10th inning. That’s until Norfolk scored, which left Scranton Wilkes-Barre desperate for a run themselves.

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Scranton’s first at-bat hit a line drive that got him to second base. Scranton’s Breyvic Valera was next to bat when he launched the ball out towards the right outfield. Norfolk right fielder Anderson Feliz then made a mental blunder that his teammates won’t be getting over anytime soon.

It’s unclear if Feliz thought there were more outs than there actually were, or perhaps, he was tired of playing additional innings and opted to let it go. But with no real sense of urgency, Feliz calmly jogged towards the ball as the two runners rounded towards home plate.

The Norfolk catcher was visibly frustrated by Feliz’s slow reaction as he is seen hopping up and down in anger. Instead of the game now being tied, Feliz’s lack of effort on the play resulted in Scranton scoring a walk-off homer.

To make matters worse for Feliz, he apparently thought the game was over before the ball even hit the ground. Instead of tossing the ball back to home plate, he tossed the ball to a nearby fan in the stands.

At least the fan got a memorable souvenir at the expense of Feliz’s anguish. When watching the video of Feliz’s blunder, the sound of “The Price is Right” fail horn is rather fitting, even if you feel bad for his mixup.

Norfolk was a sure thing to win the game as they entered the 10th inning, but nobody could have speculated an in-park walk-off homer was going to end the game on a brain fart. Well, at least when Feliz ended the game prematurely, he saved those in the stands from another inning in a minor league game.