Millionaire Plans to Create Real Life Battle Royale on Private Island. $130,000 Will Go to Winner. [VIDEO]

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Ever since the highly-acclaimed “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” became wildly successful, the video game industry has been inundated with similar battle royale style games. There have been countless iterations of the core game with each developer putting their personal spin on their version. Now, one millionaire plans to take the battle royale premise and put it into a real-life setting.

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An anonymous millionaire is looking to create a real-life 100 person battle royale on a private island. The event will supposedly be three days long with airsoft guns as the weapon of choice against the other would-be chicken dinner winners.

The winner of the event will be awarded around $130,000. It’s unclear if there will be squads, duos, or simply every man for himself style rules. Now, this could surely be an absolute disaster as we have seen countless people stranded on an island with little to no advance preparation. Yes, Fyre Festival, we’re looking at you.

A website called Hush Hush, which is a site used by millionaires to buy exclusive luxury items like private planes and watches, advertised the idea. Think of it as Amazon for millionaires. The unnamed millionaire that put the ad on the site wrote that he was looking for “someone who can help design the arena for a 100-person battle-royale inspired event.”

The ad is looking for a “gamemaker” to oversee all the formalities of the event and will net around $60,000 over a six-week time span. The ad states the event is projected to take place sometime later this winter.

There will be 12 hours of competition each day with time allotted for sleeping at night. A campsite and food will be provided for contestants, Lad Bible reported. There is so much that could go wrong here, but it’s hard not to be impressed and even intrigued by the premise.

Surely any video game fan would jump at the opportunity to live out a new-found fantasy of winning a battle royale match in real life.

The video below is what this real-life battle royale could look like.