Meet the Uber Driver Who Gives His Rides a Personalized Creative “Menu”

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Riding in a Uber can be tricky. On one hand, the driver may want to talk your ear off while you wish to sit in silence. On the other hand, drivers may be silent but awkwardly stare back at you in the rear-view mirror, which in hindsight, may be worse than making small talk with the driver.

Well, George Ure, who has quickly become the internet’s favorite Uber driver provides riders with his inventive “Uber menu” which consists of five options. These range from him doing a stand up routine, requesting a silent ride, having a therapy session or having him be rude or creepy during your trip.

The style of ride is entirely up to you. Ure said he had the idea in his spare time as he would always ask each patron what kind of ride experience they wanted. Getting tired of giving the same rhetoric, Ure decided to print out the now-viral menu and hand them to his rides.

The Uber driver was actually surprised when he went viral, which he learned from a friend. Ure said his friend called him and said: “Hey, you went viral,” a premise that Ure thought would never happen. “I just woke up, and I was like ‘this is not happening.'”

His rides have been receptive to his options. Luis Arguijo, who rode with Ure recently gave a rave review to Forbes: “He’s the best Uber my friends and I have ever had. We chose the ‘Therapy Ride’ and from the start of our ride he was a really good listener and understanding,” the 21-year-old said. “We could tell he was a genuine guy. I’m glad he’s received all this love, he deserves it.”

So impressed by Ure’s creative idea, Arguijo took to Twitter to share with others. Within the span of a week, the 38-year-old Seattle driver’s idea went viral with the post being retweeted over 380,000 times.

Ure seems to be enjoying the limelight with so many people supporting his idea. “I’m so happy that my menu is making so many people laugh. It is humbling and exciting to see this all over the Internet. Special thanks to @LuisLovesGoats for posting, @mccurly911 for letting me know this went viral, and @Uber for the awesome employment.”

Needless to say, Ure can expect to be given plenty of five-star reviews in the near future.