This Epic Suzuki Hayabusa Powered Jet Ski is all the Awesome. [VIDEO]

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There is no denying that riding a jet ski is a blast for both young and old alike. The sensation as you glide across the water can make even the toughest straight-faced man crack a smile. Add a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine to the mix, and let the fun begin.

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Video has recently emerged of a jet ski sporting a Hayabusa engine. It’s apparent the guy in the video definitely knew how he wanted to merge the two to create a machine like no other.

A 1300cc Hayabusa motorcycle engine can typically push out 500 horsepower, so the sound coming from the jet ski is downright awesome. And with all that power, the all-black jet ski looks almost cartoonish as it rips across the water.

The acceleration and power coming from the small Yamaha jet ski makes the guy riding it looks as if someone was fast forwarding a VCR tape. The jet ski is going so fast that Ricky Bobby would definitely approve.

The video, which has been found on numerous social media accounts, has been going viral. Many questioned if the video had somehow been altered to make it look as if he was going faster than he actually was.

The Hayabusa can go 0-70 in 3 seconds flat. Now that claim cannot be substantiated one way or another, but people on social media have pointed out there are two videos and one of those has been sped up and altered.

Looking at the actual video, there is no denying that it is impressive. The real question remains unanswered: Why is this not a sport? Could you imagine 10 of these roaring across the water to see who comes in first?

Regardless, a man can dream, right? Oh well, at least there is always the possibility that Santa could drop one from his sleigh as he passes by.