Man Gets Last Laugh in Neighbor Feud with Naked Mannequin Party [VIDEO]

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Neighbors have been feuding since the Hatfields and the McCoys. We have all heard of cases where a neighborly feud turned into all-out violence. One man, who was informed he had to lower his fence height by the city after a neighbor complained, decided to take his revenge — by erecting a naked mannequin party in his yard.

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Jason Windus, who lives in Santa Rosa, California, built a 6 ft. fence so he could keep his large dogs from getting out. His house is on a corner in the suburbs in a high-traffic area.

Neighbors complained that his fence was so high that they couldn’t see if any cars were coming along the busy street. He then received warnings from city officials who claimed he would face fines up to $500 a day if he didn’t bring his fence down to the allotted 36-inch height.

Not wanting to face those steep daily fines, Windus opted to lower his fence and make his neighbors regret their interference by throwing a naked mannequin party. “I don’t know who it is and I’m sure they’re not going to come forward,” he said when asked who may have gone to the city about his fence. “And even if they do, this is just a statement for them — maybe mind your own business a little bit.”

He found the mannequins at a clothing store that his company helped move, according to the Daily Mail. “I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I was going to use them for target practice,” he explained.

Instead, he decided to place multiple naked mannequins in his yard sitting around a table. He also added a note in his yard that read: “Reserved seat for the nosey neighbor that complained about my fence to the city.”

“This is America, we are supposed to be able to have fences in our yards and have privacy. I guess the average person would cop a resentment and get all angry but I threw a naked party in my yard,” he said. “They wanted me to tear my fence down so they could see inside my yard and now they get to.”