Man Bets He Can Stay on Angry Beehive for 30 Seconds for $700. He Immediately Regrets his Decision. [VIDEO]

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Ah, the things people do for money, or in this case, to save money. A man opted to take a bet that consisted of placing his bare behind on a beehive for 30 seconds for $715. This had to have been an idea straight from the early 2000s TV show “Fear Factor.”

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Jamie Grainger, who is a 27-year-old beekeeper in New Zealand, took a bet from his coworker Aurel Braguta that he couldn’t sit on a beehive for 30 seconds, a challenge that Braguta had failed earlier in the month.

Braguta only lasted 19 seconds during his time on the beehive, but Grainger was sure he could outdo his coworker. So Grainger set his sights on the prize money.

The two recorded a video and put it on YouTube. As the video starts, Grainger already has his pants at his feet and it is seen cupping his manhood with his hands. He then proceeds to hop onto the beehive. From the look on his face, he immediately regretted the decision.

Braguta is heard giggling like a school girl as his coworker yells out in immense pain. It’s important to note that Grainger was bet 1000 NZD, which equals about $715 USD. The NZHerald caught up with the two after the video went viral to ask a few questions.

“Was it painful? Well, it was just as you can imagine. It wasn’t pleasant but it was certainly amusing. As you can imagine your arse swells up. It was just a spur of the moment thing and he offered me a thousand bucks – I was like ‘well a thousand bucks’, that sounds good,” Grainger said.

He continued to explain what his significant other’s reaction was. “When my partner Lauren found out we both had a bit of a laugh. And when she found out I’d got a thousand bucks she said to me – ‘well that could pay for the wedding’. But she was just cracking up.”

When the video posted, many commenters were angered by the fact that they were unnecessarily harming the bees, but Grainger explained that simply wasn’t the case.

“Naturally when bees sting you they die. But it’s near the end of the season and a lot die off anyway. There is no harm in what we do – we care about the bees and the job is important to us.”

Well, that’s one way to earn a quick buck.