Makeup Tutorial Becomes Comedy Gold When Narrated by Girl’s Father [VIDEO]

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Generation gaps can be hard to bridge. When you add to that the inherent difficulties that come with gender, and you have a real potential for misunderstanding. Case in point: watch what happens when a father attempts to narrate a video of his daughter who is doing a makeup tutorial.


[Scroll Down for Video]

Makeup vlogger Meggs and Bacon knows her way around the vanity. I think. I’m going to come clean at this point and say that I’m no more qualified to write this than Meggs’ father is at narrating the video. I have no idea what Meggs is doing, or why she calls her channel Meggs and Bacon.


The root of the humor is that the narrator really just reads the bare bones marketing basics of each of the myriad of products Meggs plasters on her face.


And Meggs has a wide variety of brushes, all of which seem important for specific applications, but look exactly the same to her father (and the rest of us who don’t regularly wear makeup).


There’s an irony here. Meggs goes to great length to cover up her features, then slowly brings out those same features with the war paint. In the end of the video, she looks almost exactly like she did before she began troweling on the Spackle.


From where I sit (completely free of any makeup, thank you very much), it looks like she is putting on make up to look exactly like she did before she began putting on makeup.


These things will always baffle those who don’t wear makeup. But when you throw in the confusion of the father who is obviously dealing with his daughter’s developing sense of self (and no small amount of what that sense of self costs) you have a recipe for humor.