Major Change Coming From Netflix Will Make Subscribers Very Happy

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Netflix is still around because it embraces change. Some of what they’ve done, like the “continue watching?” timeout that binge-viewers utterly despise, make their customers see red. But there’s a big change coming.

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The latest update will certainly appeal to parents, but others seem stoked, too. Netflix’s streaming video service, which currently costs $8.99 a month, will offer the option to download content to your computers and mobile devices so you can watch when you’re away from an internet connection.

As it is proposed now, movies and shows will be downloadable in the same way that rented content is from the iTunes store. Load the content up, hit the road–or the woods, plane, train, etc. and rest easy watching whatever you’d like.

Pretty soon, you may be able to take your Netflix viewing away from your internet router, if circulating rumors about the company’s next move are to be believed.

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The new functionality has been nicknamed “download-to-go.” While it is a clear departure from their current model, it isn’t all that far away from the company’s origins (and the archaic option that few chose) mailing out individual DVDs.

While officials at Netflix haven’t yet announced the service, Dan Taitz, COO of mobile video company Penthera, said Netflix’s new option is an “open secret” in the business.

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“From industry sources, I know that Netflix is out in the market negotiating to get download rights in addition to streaming rights,” Taitz told Fortune Magazine. “Content providers are getting asked that now from Netflix so [Netflix] can offer a download service.”

It is unknown, at this point, just how diverse the download selection will be. Many believe it is likely to include only the titles currently available for streaming. Others–those looking for more options–are hoping Netflix will open the download option for their entire catalog.

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If you can’t wait, Amazon is currently offering the option. You can test it our there.