Magician David Blaine Shoots Himself in the Mouth Attempting to Perform Bullet Catching Trick

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Magician and stuntman David Blaine is known for his often death defying and headline grabbing stunts and tricks. However, a recent trick led to him grabbing headlines for the wrong reason.

The performer had a bullet catching trick go very wrong during a performance when he performed the stunt for a live audience of around 20,000 people.


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Even some celebrities, including international soccer sensation David Beckham were in attendance. The incident was discussed by Blaine on the recently aired “Beyond the Magic” television show.

Blaine has been doing some variation of the bullet catch trick since around 2010. However, he used to have an assistant pull the trigger, however he now does the whole thing himself remotely in order to remove some level of human error and also to prevent an assistance or friend from being riddled with guilt in case things went horribly wrong.

Blaine allowed himself to be shot several times in the chest while wearing a ballistic vest in order to prepare for the trick. That training is documented in the following video:

The trick involved a specially built metal cup and mouth guard which would allow Blaine to catch a .22 caliber projectile fired from a rifle controlled by Blaine himself who pulls a string when he is ready to fire.

That’s all well and good, however, the mouth guard failed and allowed the metal cup to essentially act as another projectile once the .22 caliber round hit it. The cup and bullet flew into the back of Blaine’s throat and struck with enough power to cause injuries.

Blaine said during a narration interview of the incident:

“Time just started to move really slow.


“When the bullet struck the cup, there was a high-pitched ringing in my ears and I felt an impact on the back of my throat.

“I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead.

“Suddenly I became aware of the pain and it brought me back. At that moment I realized that the mouth guard had shattered again, and I was alive.”

In the end, Blaine ended up with a lacerated throat and other minor damage to the rest of his mouth. Blaine’s friends and assistants have vowed never to help him perform the dangerous trick again.

Despite the fact that Blaine could have easily died performing the trick and the fact that no one will help him with it from now on, he says that he absolutely still plans to perform the trick during upcoming tour dates.

Here is video of Blaine’s trick gone wrong: