Loud Sex Noises Results In Letters From Grumpy Neighbors

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Having neighbors in close proximity can be a major pain. You try not to be rude banging  on the walls or playing loud music later, but you also want to be able to move freely around your apartment and not be a hermit. Well, those neighbors would gladly take you over the ones having noisy sex.


In most of these cases, the kids are probably living outside their parent’s house for the first time and feel like they have the ultimate freedom. That is until they realize they have neighbors who write them angry, or simply funny, letters about their constant loud sex.

Now sure, it’s annoying when you can’t get to sleep because of noisy neighbors but maybe they were just wrestling an alligator with Adam Sandler up there? Jumping to conclusions much?


Hey, this neighbor decided to make a recording of this couple having sex at 4 o’clock in the morning. Chalk one up for creativity.


This couple found out their old beat up spring mattress just couldn’t muffle the sound and the boyfriend got burned in the process by the angry neighbor.


Here’s one of a fed up neighbor who also just happens to be a counselor. Free counseling  maybe.


This neighbor is about to be this couple’s sex coach after giving these tips.


Here’s a neighbor who deserves a round of applause after sending this letter. If I received this letter I wouldn’t even be embarrassed. I would post it on Facebook, which is something that truly happened.


Now, the ole university sex complaint. The one positive is they’re condoning safe sex. How many people can say that about their university?


This last neighbor actually decided to keep count of how may times she yells. He must not have TV or headphones for that matter.


h/t Daily Mail