Police Department Calls Out Most Petty and Ridiculous “Road Rage” Call They’ve Ever Received

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Police officers have to put up with some outlandish calls. Many of those calls prove that people are too quick to call the police on one another instead of simply resolving their conflict with other human beings on their own. One police department decided to use Twitter to highlight one of the craziest calls they’ve received so far this year.

The thread starts with Lawrence PD in Kansas sharing the most irrational “road rage” incident a pair of their officers responded to. Feel free to grab some popcorn.

We all know a certain “Karen” or “Chad” in our lives. Especially Chad, the kind of guy who focuses on the principle of the matter. This is a prime example of a first-world problem.

Who has this much time on their hands where they can literally sit in a parking lot for over 20 minutes waiting for the police to resolve their “problem”? Do these people not have significant others to get back to? So many questions, so few answers.

See what I mean, we all know a Chad. Well, maybe Karen will be the more sensible person and back out.

Nope. It would seem Karen also has plenty of time to kill.

Hmm, perhaps the police should have impounded Karen’s vehicle since she can even back out of her spot. Perhaps this would have saved the officers a few more minutes of their time.

You know when a sergeant arrives and leaves within ten minutes, you’re dealing with a lost cause. Oh Chad, you’re the bane of these officer’s existence with these quirky one-liners.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! How do they function in daily society? Sure, Karen, go ahead and throw the typical trope of cops who don’t agree with me aren’t doing their job, therefore, all cops are bad.

Thankfully, the responding officers have had enough of this nonsense and simply go on with the rest of their night.

It’s nice to see the police have a sense of humor especially in times such as these when they mostly perceived as the bad guys. Here’s hoping Karen and Chad made it out of the parking lot. They say if you go to that parking lot and sit quietly, you can still hear them arguing.