Kids Crashed Their Dad’s BBC Interview On Live TV In One Of The Most Entertaining Videos You Will See [Video]

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When you’re a parent working from home, sometimes work and home collide. Even the best laid plans don’t always work like you intended. That’s what happened to this father as he was speaking to BBC live on air.


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Professor Robert Kelly is a political science expert, so when news broke of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye the BBC needed an expert in the field to add credibility to their discussion. Apparently, they got more than they asked for.

As the interview is being conducted, you see the door open behind Kelly as a child stumbles in and goes right to her father. The BBC employee points out that it seems his daughter had entered the room.


Kelly, who is visibly flustered, puts his arm behind him in an effort to get hs daughter to leave the room during what is probably one the most important interviews of his career. And as if he couldn’t be more embarrassed and flustered, in rolls another child behind the first in a baby walker.

You can’t make this stuff up. Luckily, there’s video to document the occasion as it becomes funnier with each passing moment.


Kelly starts apologizing profusely as he tries to keep his mind on the topic and tries to continue the conversation. A woman, who is now known as his wife, storms into the room and tries to wrangle the kids away from their father.

She grabs both of the kids and drags them out of the room. With the door still open, the wife stretches out on the floor to close the door.


Then, without missing a beat, Kelly continues the interview like a champ. You could say this will be the most interesting video about impeachment in quite some time.

Viewers of the hilarious video cited they have had similar moments with their kids. As fellow parents, we understand your pain.

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The incident will forever serve as ammo against his children when they become older and start dating, “Hey honey, remember when you stormed into my office during an important interview?”