Kid Challenges Teacher to Dance Off. Finds Out He’s Got a Lot to Learn [VIDEO]

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A teen challenged his dancing coach in front of the whole school during the annual school talent show. The viral video showed the two duking it out in a dance battle for the ages as the crowd roared their approval. The video has garnered tens of thousands of views in the days since it was posted.

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Amir Wilson thought he was going to one-up his dancing teacher, Billy Cohen. It didn’t go exactly the way he imagined as Cohen came back at him popping, locking and doing the Harlem Shake.

About halfway through the dance-off, Wilson stops his dance routine to approach his teacher and wipe off his shoes to insinuate he has some “dirty” skills. Cohen shows his age a bit by breaking out the vintage, fan-favorite robot dance move.

The 13-year-old student held his own with each of them getting roaring applause each time they started their dance.

The two danced to Kid The Wiz’s hit “Love Come Down” at Hyde’s Leadership Charter School in the Bronx. Wilson posted the video on Youtube. He told the Daily Mail he plans on becoming a professional choreographer.

In the video, Wilson posted: “battled my dance teacher at my school talent show. He killed it. It was lit.” He wasn’t shy about his shortcomings in the dance as he acknowledged, “I had to give it to him at the end, he bodied,” he said.

The video has been viewed over 20,000 times in a span of one week. In an interview with Today, Cohen divulged how the dance-off came to be.

According to Cohen, Wison is a student he has a strong relationship with, and he had been practicing with him in the weeks leading up to the dance. Wilson was originally supposed to dance by himself but asked his teacher if he would join him for a dance-off.

“Amir picked the song, and the rest was history,” Cohen said. “I was shocked. It wasn’t like a bad shock,” he added. “He was doing things not a lot of people can do. It made me turn my head and really see how great of a dancer he is.”

In the end, Cohen proved he is not one to walk away from a call out in front of the school. But in all fairness, they both showed they have some serious skills.