Is This The Worst Boxer Ever to Step in a Ring? [VIDEO]

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Boxing is a demanding sport, physically and mentally. Making calculated strikes and predicting what your opponent will do next are two critical skills you need to win a match. Unfortunately, boxer Jimmy Smith was apparently never taught the basics. Let’s just say upfront, boxing should probably not be a self-taught sport.

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On December 13, 1991, a now infamous fight between Tony Mosco and Jimmy Smith took place. The fight started just as any other does, both athletes touch gloves as they meet each other in the center of the ring, and the mind games begin.

Unfortunately for Smith, he was knocked out in 22 seconds. The internet immediately dubbed Smith the “worst boxer ever,” but it wasn’t because he was knocked out so quickly. Instead, he earned the nickname due to his so-called boxing style — or lack thereof.

The viral video of Smith boxing could be used to show millions of people what not to do. Smith comes out looking confident, but when it comes to throwing a punch a toddler could probably do better. Yes, it was that bad.

Smith is seen in the video flailing his arms around with no form whatsoever. When Smith goes in punch Mosco, his punch has no force behind it.

When he does hit Mosco, he does so with the bottom of his glove. His style is something you might see in an old Saturday morning cartoon. He actually might have performed better if they could have thrown in the visual “pow” from the 1960s Batman. At least that way, viewers would know it was supposed to be a power hit — that somehow never delivered.

Smith is seen running around waving his gloves in a circular motion. Mosco knocked him out with one haymaker to the head. Boxing records indicate that Smith had eight professional fights in the ring during his “career.” Not surprisingly, all were losses.

It’s safe to say that Smith walking away from boxing was one of his better decisions. Could you imagine him against a Floyd Mayweather or a Mohammed Ali? Nah, me neither.