Is This The Greatest Product Video Ever?

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Trying to get a newly formed business off the ground is never easy. Differentiating yourself from other companies that share your niche marketplace is one of the biggest concerns for a new company. Well, other up-and-coming companies might want to follow Virtika Outerwear’s lead as they may have just created the best product-oriented video ever.

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The founder of Virtika, David Lesh, shows what makes his winter outwear better than the competition, and he does this in one of the most creative and innovative ways ever.

Most companies take themselves too seriously and are scared to take any risk that might be seen as less than politically correct in today’s society. Lesh could care less about that explaining that he used to be a professional skier before he bought a plane to transport drugs from Mexico to Colorado.

Lesh’s carefree attitude appeals to the demographic he markets his product for. Towards the middle of the video, Lesh explains with typical nonchalance why he created his own outerwear brand.

“I was sick and tired of riding for companies that made s****y, ugly, overpriced outerwear. So I took my drug money and made the best outerwear on the planet and sold it direct for half the price.”

He blasts his competition — literally — by grabbing a shotgun and shooting a piece of outerwear that is launched into the sky from a girl in a bikini. This is skeet shooting at its best.

To attest to the warmth his outerwear provides, he is seen riding through the Rockies on the back of a camel in nothing more than his coat. Even if you’re someone who lives in a warm state pretty much year round, he has you covered.

“But in case you find yourself in an unusually warm situation, you can open up one of the many vents, zip the sleeves off, or wear your jacket like a backpack.”

Virtika was founded in 2009. Thier website list the jackets ranging anywhere from $250-285. For those who are looking for pants to wear as you rip down a mountain, Virtika’s pants cost around $199.