How Fast Can you Spin a Fidget Spinner Before it Breaks? [VIDEO]

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Fidget spinners have been the latest viral sensation in a long line of fads. It may be a surprise to many, but the fidget spinner has been a product for over a decade. The device was originally intended to help people with ADHD or autism. And like any kid with a new toy, there are always people out there who want to break them.

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Youtuber “Beyond the press” is a channel dedicated to trending videos. They decided that since the fidget spinner seems to be the talk of the town, some people would want to see how they break.

By connecting an air pump to the bearing of the spinner so that it spins at 32,000 RPM, the spinner will furiously rotate until it explodes, which is usually in a glorious fashion.

The man and the woman in the video explained that they got the idea after watching another Youtube video doing the same thing, but the other video only had an air pump that could do 28,000 RPM.

If you’re not aware, consumers can buy fidget spinners in different sizes. The man explains that they got three different sizes so they could see the different effects on each when they broke. They go from the biggest spinner to the smallest one.

First up, the big one broke within a second or so, exploding in the house-made “blast chamber” which consisted of two pieces of sheet metal on the sides. The big one broke after 19,000 RPM and destroyed the sheet metal. They then replaced the metal with plywood.

The next one broke around 30,000 RPM, according to the man in the video. The slow-motion shot of the video shows the spinner exploding into small pieces with the bearing flying across the screen.

The final spinner exploding is the most impressive. Reportedly the strongest one, the pump is set at 32,000 RPM. Instead of breaking, the spinner comes off the air pump spinning all around the “blast chamber” and ultimately landing on the roof of their home.

He retrieves the device off the roof and finds it must have broken from the impact with the roof. The pair decides due to safety issues that they have probably tested enough and end the video there.

Words cannot do this video justice; check out the video below.