Home Intruder Breaks Into Home, Leaves Owner Absolutely Baffled by His Actions [VIDEO]

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Having someone break into your home would leave anyone rattled. The safe place for your children and family has been violated. You’re left wondering how and why. Was a door left unlocked? Well, one homeowner came home from work on May 15th to find someone had been in his home. He was left baffled by what he found inside.

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Instead of finding his valuables missing, homeowner Nate Roman announced on Facebook that someone had broken into his Massachusetts home and cleaned the house. “I still have no idea who did this, it’s all really crazy,” he told the Daily Mail.

In the same Facebook post, the 44-year-old father explained what happened. “Today, while I was at work, a stranger entered my house,” Roman wrote. “It’s possible that I forgot to lock the back door, they didn’t break anything while entering.”

“I usually forget to arm my alarm during the day, but unfortunately, that also happened, so I don’t have any video, despite having cameras.” It didn’t take long for him to drop a bomb on his social media followers.

“Ready for the weird part?” he asked before adding: “Not only did they not take anything (that I can find), but the purpose of the visit was to clean my bathrooms and bedrooms. They made the beds, vacuumed the rugs, scrubbed the toilets and left tp roses.”

In addition to his post, Roman added pictures to show some before and after photos for reference. His five-year-old son’s room was a mess with toys spewed all throughout the room. When Roman got back home from work, his son’s room was spotless.

He indicated that there were “no notes, no creepy arrangements or anything.” Roman concluded his Facebook post by hypothesizing about what could have happened.

“My best theory at this point is that a housekeeping service accidentally went to the wrong address,” he said. “It’s still weird and creepy AF. No idea what to think about this.”

Local law enforcement was notified, and Police Sergeant Daniel Campbell stated that this seems to be an isolated incident.

Well, at least the “intruder” left an origami rose made from toilet tissue in his bathroom as a parting gift.