Hollywood Will Kill You in a Gunfight. A Drunk Green Beret Explains. [VIDEO]

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“Jumping in the air, firing two guns? Might look good on screen… but in reality you’re a broad side target and you’ll get your dick shot off”.

He’s been a Ranger and a Green Beret, fought on multiple continents, received numerous awards, and he already shared his rules of a gunfight with you. Now Popp takes on the ways Hollywood is trying to kill you in a gunfight.

[Scroll down for video]

Taking on such things as diving while dual wielding pistols, accuracy of enemy fire, and medics coming as soon as they are called. And then he takes on using a knife in combat:

“You will almost never use your combat knife. Usually you use it to open up bottles and cans and what have you, whittle wood, use it as a prybar. But rarely, if ever, will you use it on enemy personnel. And if you are so unfortunate as to do that, it is the equivalent of mental rape.

“The person getting stabbed is not the one getting mentally raped, I’m just telling you that.”

Make sure to check out the first video, “Rules for Surviving a Gunfight”:

Rules of a gunfight 640