High School Football Player Running the Wrong Way Gets Tackled By Teammate [VIDEO]

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There have been plenty of bonehead football plays made throughout the years, leaving fans to wonder what on earth was that player thinking. But this gaffe might be the worst yet. At a high school football game, a player intercepted the ball and begin running towards the endzone. There’s only one problem; it was the wrong endzone.

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Antonio Bush, of Fairfield High School in California, intercepted the ball from Jackson Troutt, quarterback of the opposing team. Bush began to run with the ball; but to the surprise of his teammates, Bush was running the wrong way.

Bush’s teammates looked bewildered with one defensive lineman throwing his hands up in frustration. While Bush is seen unknowingly running towards the wrong endzone, Fairfield High School senior Kha’ron Thrower can be seen sprinting behind Bush in an effort to stop him from scoring for the other team.

Without any other option, Thrower had to tackle his own teammate to stop him. Ironically, you can see the opposing team’s players stop chasing after Bush once they realize that he is about to score for them.

Thrower then made light of the goof  posting it online with the caption reading: “Sports Center not top 10.” Thrower commented under his own video explaining: “I saved the game with the tackle, teammate ran the opposite way off the interception.”

Thrower explained Bush thanked him after the game for stopping him and for preventing their rival from earning more points. “After the game in the locker room he said thank you and I said I got my younging forever.”

He concluded that it was Bush’s first interception. “That was lil bro first interception noted that he’s only played 2.5 games do [sic] to injury going into that game and that was his first game back off another injury so I don’t really blame him and that had nothing to do with us losing, lil bro [is] fine and he’ll bounce back.”

Now that’s team spirit.

Fairfield lost the game 14-7, which puts them at 0-7 on the year.