Game of Thrones Characters Season 1 vs Season 7

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SPOILER ALERT: Potential spoilers below as there are screenshots from the most recent episode of Season 7 in this article.

Game of Thrones first aired over six years ago, and filming began long before the first episode hit the airwaves. That means we have been with many of the characters (well, the ones that survived this long) for the better part of a decade now.

Many characters’ appearances have drastically changed. Sometimes due to the aging of the actor, the character’s story, or, in some cases, both. Another stark (ha) difference you’ll notice between these photos is the soft, warm lighting used extensively in season 1 compared to the much colder, harsh lighting in Season 7. Perhaps another nod to Summer/Winter and Fire/Ice.

Here are many of your favorite characters as they appeared in Season 1 vs Season 7.

All of the Stark children have aged quite a bit due to how young they were in Season 1. Few characters have developed and aged as quickly as Arya.

Bran was the youngest when the show began and he has certainly grown up over the last 6 seasons.

Fan favorite mercenary Bronn maintains a similar look between the seasons even though his character’s status has changed drastically throughout the war.

Queen Cersei in Season 1 and Queen Cersei in Season 7 mean very different things.

Daenerys Targaryen went from being a naive girl to a powerful monarch of the course of the series.

Of course we can’t mention Daenerys without mentioning her dragons. Here we see how little Drogon is now all grown up and melting Lannister soldiers.

Jamie Lannister looks a little worse for wear between the seasons. Can we blame him though? He basically lost his whole family, including his kids, along with his hand.

Jon maintains his overall look, but there is no denying that he is now a much more confident, powerful character.

Littlefinger still looks like a conniving con artist six years on.

Sam looks much more at home as a Maester than a member of the Night’s Watch.

Few characters have been through as much as Sansa Stark and her appearance in Season 7 reflects a fully grown, hardened woman.

Theon can also relate to Sansa as he was also tortured at the hands of Ramsey Bolton and he looks less like the care free warrior he was in Season 1.

Tyrion has faced a long road to become Hand of the Queen to Daenerys. While his looks have changed his wit and cunning have not.

Varys continues to look virtually the same and continue his back-channel dealings.