This Gun is the Best Video Game Rifle Ever. [VIDEO]

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With blockbuster military video games finally focusing again on World War II era, leaving the futuristic weapons of space behind, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at some of the iconic twentieth century guns. Many consider the M1 Garand the best video game weapon, and for good reason.


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Now, sure, it doesn’t have rapid fire for gamers to “spray and pray,” but there is nothing more satisfying than looking down those iron sights and emptying the 8 round clip. Just hearing that “ping” of the clip popping as it empties and seeing your enemy drop to the ground is so satisfying.


The M1 is a special weapon, great for mid-range and long-range engagements. You can even bring it in close quarter combat and clear a room with it. What other gun of its time  can do that?


The rugged battle rifle, which you can put through hell, was developed in the 1920s. Sixteen years later, the M1 was put into American soldiers’ hands. And just like that, one of the most memorable video game weapons was born.


But what makes the M1 so special and iconic with gamers and soldiers alike? The clip, of course. The Garand’s clip, referred to as en bloc clip, is essentially a packaged clip – the package holding the 8 rounds in place.


For any of you who played Call of Duty back in the day, you will fondly – or angrily -remember not having the ability to reload at your convenience, a concept that is foreign to younger players of the newer space-age games.

You had to empty the clip by whatever means necessary to be able to reload. There were times where people were simply shooting the ground to reload or getting killed by another player after they missed all 8 shots and had to reload.

Gamers within the first-person shooter genre can attest that it’s always the best idea to reload after you kill someone. But ammo was a problem in those games. If you shot the rest of your clip in the air just to reload, you ran the risk of wasting precious bullets and would become vulnerable to enemies since you had no ammo.

That’s what made this gun an all time favorite of mine and countless others. It was a simpler time back when we had this weapon in our hands. People weren’t running on the walls and shooting us with rails guns; there was an actual reason to have a melee button on a controller.


Hopefully, future military video games can recreate what made those games so special and put the M1 back in the game – even with all its annoying features.