He Went on the ‘American Idol’ Stage with Holes in His Boots. Luke Bryan Knew Just What to Do

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To say that many aspiring musicians struggle financially is likely an understatement. However, one American Idol contestant got some unexpected help during Hollywood Week, one of the most stressful periods for show participants. When judge and country singer Luke Bryan noticed that Colby Swift had worn holes in his boots, Bryan decided to lend a hand.

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On Sunday night’s episode, according to a report by Today, Bryan noticed that Swift’s boots had holes in them, even asking the contestant to show the holes to the camera.

Then, Bryan asked what size he wears.

“I mean, whatever fits,” said Swift.

“Well, I’m a 12D,” Bryan replied, “and I’ll solve that little problem.”

Bryan made his way from behind the judge’s table, handing Swift the boots from his own feet. As soon as they were in his hands, Swift swapped out his tattered boots for the ones Bryan provided.

“So Colby,” Bryan added, “those boots are made for walking to the next round.”

During the night, Swift had earned a standing ovation after performing Freddy Fender’s “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” and he advanced to the next round.

However, he was eliminated later in the show, a casualty of the group round.

Bryan’s act of kindness was touted on social media.

“I was there when @LukeBryanOnline gave Colby his boots,” wrote Bobby Bones. “[H]ad water in my eyes then. have it again now. and that’s real deal Luke. Hes not like that just on TV.”

“We just couldn’t let you keep walking in those boots, Colby,” said fellow judge Lionel Richie. “really amazing moment with @LukeBryanOnline.”