Gas Thieves Siphon Wrong Tank on Bus. Get a Terrible Surprise

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There have been countless articles written about dumb criminals. Heck, if you’re a good criminal, no one ever hears anything about your crime to begin with. Sometimes criminals get the instant karma they deserve while committing a crime. Take, for instance, these would-be thieves who tried to siphon gas from an RV.

An unspecified group of criminals thought that they could make a few quick bucks if they siphoned some gas. So as they look for a vehicle to grab some gas from, they come upon an RV that is parked for the night.

Again, these are not the smartest criminals. The thieves have their target. Now all they have to do is pick the correct hole to siphon from, which as you could imagine, is going to be difficult for them.

According to the Daily Mail, the thieves chose the wrong hole as they accidentally siphoned the raw sewage from the RV instead of the gas they were searching for. Police in Laverton, Central West Australia, discovered the mix-up after they determined that no gas was missing from the RV.

Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar made a few jokes while speaking on the investigation. “We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

Surprisingly enough, the officers had “absolutely zero interest” in recovering the stolen “materials.” There is one last hope though. Sgt Soutar is hoping that they can find the would-be thieves by using the oldest trick in the book — “word of mouth.”

Siphoning gas in this Australian incident brings to mind the post-apocalyptic film “Mad Max.” All we’re missing is Mel Gibson and some massive car collisions.

All jokes aside, the police are still searching for the suspects. Perhaps they should check the nearest CVS and look in the mouthwash aisle.

Maybe next time these geniuses will think to bring a flashlight with them to make sure they siphon from the correct opening.