Footage of Rob Gronkowski Firing a Minigun is the Only Thing You Need to See Today

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New England Patriot star tight end Rob Gronkowski is living his best life. He is one of the few NFL players who saves his money and lives off his endorsements. Instead of buying extravagant items, the 28-year-old chooses to spend his money on experiences, including several wild offseason activities.

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Since losing Super Bowl 52, Gronkowski has been traveling the world, crashing weddings and dirt biking. Sounds like a pretty great summer, huh? Well, Gronkowski is never one to be complacent.

With his latest venture, the star tight end decided to one-up himself by firing a minigun while wearing basketball shorts. Joe Carnahan, who has directed, produced and written countless movies, posted the awesome video of Gronkowski wrecking havoc.

During the short recorded clip, Gronkowski is seen hanging on for dear life as he unloaded the entire clip of ammo. He then looks over at the person next to him and simply says, “wow.”

According to CBS Sports, Grownkowski has been linked to Carnahan’s latest film called “Boss Level” in which “a retired special forces officer is trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death.”

Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo and Naomi Watts have all also been linked to the film. Gronkowski is known for his excessive partying when it comes to his time off, but calling firing a minigun “eventful” is an understatement.

This is just the latest event in a series of newsworthy summer events. In May, Grownkowski was in the Bahamas shooting an episode of “Shark Week” with Discovery Channel. In between his partying and swimming with sharks, Gronkowski never seems to forget who he is — someone who donates to charities.

Over the course of the offseason, Gronkowski has hand-delivered three checks of $25,000 to New England area children’s hospitals, 247Sports reported. The star who is in his prime had speculated that he might retire, but he did recently  announce that he will return for the 2018 season.

There must be something about shooting a minigun that makes a man want to get back to work.