Florida Man Has ‘Next Level’ Idea to Stop Hurricanes [VIDEO]

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As Hurricane Dorian continues to churn towards Florida’s coast, there has been plenty of time for the media to interview people from all walks of life to get their take on the storm. While some give the same old typical responses of keeping their property and homes safe, one man had a “next level” idea to stop the hurricane.

The man’s ideas were about as bright as you would expect from a “Florida man.” “I don’t see how they haven’t come up with some kinda way to combat these storms yet,” said the unnamed man. “All this warm weather and warm water. We have a Navy. Why don’t the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it don’t — so it can’t get going as fast as it’s going?”

“There’s gotta be ways to combat this, instead of just pointing at the thing and sayin’, ‘Well, now it’s getting worse,’” he says with a chuckle. “Yeah, we know it’s getting worse. But you tell us, ‘Oh it’s the warm weather. Oh, it’s the wind.'”

Knowing he was really onto something, the man added that the Air Force could help out so the Navy wouldn’t get all the glory. “Well, we have an Air Force. Drive some Air Force planes around to get the winds going the opposite way. The Navy to go in circles, to fight it the other way.”

This man’s outlandish ideas have been spreading like wildfire throughout the internet with many proclaiming this may be the most “Florida man” idea yet.

ABC sportscaster Troy Renck, wrote on Twitter: “Peter Griffin is no longer stuck in animation,” as he commented on the man’s thick New England accent and appearance.

On a more serious note, Hurricane Dorian has battered the Bahamas with winds exceeding 225 miles per hour, leaving five people dead.

The storm has been downgraded from a CAT 5 to a CAT 4 as it slowly approaches the east coast of Florida.

Many parts of Flordia and Georgia have been evacuated. Hurricane Dorian is believed to be the strongest storm to ever go through the Atlantic Ocean.