Flight Attendant Leaves Plane Passengers in Stitches After His Hilarious Pre-Flight Safety Briefing [VIDEO]

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Plane flights are tedious, time consuming and, often, just downright boring. Airlines try to soften this torture by offering entertainment like movies. Westjet Airlines gave their passengers an alternative form of entertainment when a flight attendant gave his best rendition of slapstick humor during the safety briefing, which left the passengers roaring in laughter.

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A Westjet trip from Alberta, Canada, to Arizona was estimated to take a little under three hours, but everyone was in a positive mood as the wheels lifted off the tarmac after one male flight attendant gave a side-splitting performance during the safety briefing.

The video starts with the flight attendant showing how to properly tighten and loosen your seat buckle. He even gave a nice “tada” to himself for successfully putting the seatbelt on.

He then transitioned to the oxygen mask portion of the safety briefing where he proceeded to overreact, freaking out when the oxygen mask drops. The flight attendant even uses the elastic bands to ping himself in the face.

After he gets the mask on his face, the man makes a series of funny faces before pretending he was going to scream.

Passengers who were on the plane explained their reaction to the madman flight attendant. “This fella caught my eye as he was just bursting with an energy that seemed absolutely contagious,” one passenger said.

The passenger added: “When he started the safety demo we were immediately captivated! I can honestly say that in all of my 61 years, I have never ever seen a flight attendant captivate the passengers like this. Everybody actually clapped when he was finished and then something crazy happened, we all watched the French version too!”

With Canada speaking both English and French, the flight attendant didn’t leave anyone left out of the funny experience as he put on another show to his French-speaking passengers. At the end of his routine, the flight attendant receives a roaring applause, which prompted him to take a bow.

See, not all flights are as boring as you might think. Who knows, maybe this flight attendant will be on your next flight?