Ever Wondered What a Pokemon Might Look Like on the Inside?

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High school biology classes would be far more interesting if students were allowed to dissect Pokémon characters. And if they had to go out and catch them first, that might take care of physical education. Either way, artist Christopher Stoll has fleshed out the anatomies of Pokémon characters in a new series of illustrations the he’s calling “PokeNatomy.”

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Everything you’ve never wanted to know about the insides of a Pikachu.These critters are oddly terrifying on the inside.

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“Drawing them is not the difficult part, the challenge for me is conceptual,” Stoll said in an interview with Bored Panda. “I spend a lot of my time with the project trying to create fictional anatomy that is both interesting and plausible. A lot of Pokénatomy is based on the behavior and biology of real-world organisms. So for the sake of the project, I’ve found myself thumbing through books on botany, herpetology, metaphysics, and even embryology.”

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Stoll is planning on illustrating all 151 original Pokémon characters.

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I’d always assumed a Voltorb was hollow, like a fishing bobber.

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Drawing the mythical insides of fictitious characters is hardly new. Lucas’s (and now Disney’s) minions have been drawing the insides of the star ships from the Star Wars universe for years. It is a simple concept, because none of the drawings or schematics have to actually work.

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The same holds true here, except there’s an extra dimension of humor in the drawings that add to their appeal.

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Stoll’s dedication to the project is a testament to the lengths fans will go to be part of this imaginary world.

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151 of these drawings will be a large undertaking. Each card containes at least 300 words, making the descriptions a genuine task, too.

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There is also an aspect of parody in the illustrations, and Stoll even parodies his own illustrations, filling the inside of the Rattata with more Rattata.