Here’s What 29 Celebs Looks Like Without Makeup

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People like to believe that celebrities ar perfect. We realize that isn’t always the case, especially after this year’s Academy Awards debacle, but at least physically perfect. We see them walking the red carpet or on stage in expensive and sometimes outrageous outfits, always looking immaculate and it can be hard to believe they are human, just like us. But here is proof that they are.

celeb 1

Adele is almost as famous for her winged eyeliner as she is for her vocal range, but she recently uploaded this photo on Instagram.

celeb 2

Adriana Lima might be one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret models, but she is almost unrecognizable without makeup.

celeb 3

Alicia Keys vowed to go makeup-free in May last year and kept her promise, attending the VMAs as well as appearing on The Voice without it.

celeb 4

Ashley Graham recently appeared on the cover of Vogue looking stunning and on Instagram like this.

celeb 5

Country singer Carrie Underwood recently uploaded a sweaty post-gym selfie, but she’s not the only one to do it.

celeb 6

Ciara looked like she had just jumped out of the shower when the pregnant singer attended the 2017 Makers Conference with wet hair and no makeup.

celeb 7

Even at 51 years old, Cindy Crawford still looks stunning au naturale.

celeb 8

After years of battling self esteem issues, it seems that Demi Lovato now has no problem showing off her freckles.

celeb 9

Drew Barrymore decided to show the world what she looks like immediately after her yoga class.

celeb 10

When Eva Longoria wants to relax at home it looks like she tries to do it properly.

celeb 11

It appears that Gabrielle Union is another celebrity who is almost completely unidentifiable without makeup.

celeb 12

Gigi Hadid looks incredible from the moment she wakes up. That’s probably a large part of the reason the 21-year-old was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council last year.

celeb 13

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez posted this selfie in the Summer of 2015 while on vacation in New Orleans.

celeb 14

To celebrate her 44th birthday, Gwyneth Paltrow decided to “embrace” her past and future by posting a makeup-free selfie.

celeb 15

It seems that one of the main reasons for the existence of Instagram is as a platform for celebrities to post selfies without makeup and Katie Holmes decided to climb on board the bandwagon too.

celeb 16

Kesha was all glitz and glamor when she first hit the music scene, but that’s all in the past now.

celeb 17

Never one to miss out on some free publicity, Kim Kardashian rocked up to a show at Paris Fashion Week without makeup. Or maybe it was just stolen too.

celeb 18

She may have made a small fortune for herself with her range of makeup, but Kylie Jenner isn’t above posing without it on Instagram.

celeb 19

Lady Gaga has made a career out of her eccentric looks, but she had no qualms posting a very intimate selfie, relaxing in bed before her Superbowl performance.

celeb 20

Laverne Cox is obviously quite comfortable in her own skin so it was no biggie for the Orange is the New Black actress to post a fresh-faced selfie.

celeb 21

British actress Lily Collins is almost never seen without bold lipstick, but this recent selfie shows she may even look better without it!

celeb 22

Lorde took offence to magazines using Photoshop to remove her acne so, to prove that celebrities have flaws too, she spreads the real pictures for all to see.


In much the same way as Lorde, Miley Cyrus isn’t worried about her flaws and has no problem showing the real Miley, acne and all.

celeb 23

Rihanna has a bit of a reputation as someone who doesn’t take herself to seriously so it comes as no surprise that she would have at least one candid snap out there.

celeb 24

Shakira isn’t one to really pile on the makeup and this photo shows why — She doesn’t really have a reason to.

celeb 25

Tyra Banks likes to be real about her looks so nobody was shocked when she took to Instagram to let everybody see how Tyra really looks.

celeb 26

Vanessa Hudgens is perpetually on Instagram, so it comes as no surprise that there was a makeup-free photo of her out there somewhere.

celeb 27

Zendaya decided to beat an internet troll at his own game when he commented that he was “scared” of photos of the former Disney Channel star without her face done. She now posts them regularly.

celeb 28

Zoe Saldana has been painted a range of different colors to appear in films such as Star Trek and Avatar so she probably embraces every opportunity to relax without makeup.

h/t The Insider