Ellen DeGeneres Delivers a MUST HEAR Speech for All Americans Before She Knew Who Won [VIDEO]

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In the wake of a monumental presidential victory for the dark-horse Donald Trump, American celebrities who favored Clinton have been backtracking on their promises to move to Canada, and gnashing their teeth. And then there’s Ellen.

Ellen, who is well respected comedian and talk show host, cut through the static. Her message is one that resonates with much of middle America, and many of the Hillary supporters who are realizing they will survive a Trump presidency.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Who would Ellen DeGeneres support in the election? If she were to vote like many of her cohort in Hollywood, we could assume that she would be an unapologetic supporter of Clinton. And yet her message (taped before the voting had ended) seems to have foreshadowed a Clinton loss.

Or perhaps her lighthearted approach to political acceptance was driven by an absolute certainty that the ones she’d be consoling would be the Trump voters of middle-America, the demographic in Ellen’s audience with which, politically, she has nothing in common.


Yet that’s the point of her message. We all have some things in common that unite us.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative, we’ve all passed out watching Netflix [and] woke up not knowing what episode we’re on… what season we’re on… whose couch we’re on.

Many of our daily experiences occur in exactly the same predictable fashion, despite our outward differences.

“No matter what your politics are, we all have that feeling of stepping out of the shower and realizing you left the towel completely across the bathroom…”


And now, she says, we have to embrace those commonalities.

“If you take away the labels, you realize we’re far more alike than different. We have so much in common, our differences actually make us stronger.”

Our differences actually make us stronger. Time we embrace that, and forget about the differences. I wonder if anyone has told her how the election came out yet….

And After that, since my suspicion is that many of you missed it, I offer this–Ellen’s on the Republican debate stage. Incredible.