Dropping a 10-Foot Long, 500-Pound Knife Into a Toyota Is as Satisfying as it Sounds [VIDEO]

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Megabots Inc. group have been around the robot fighting scene for a while now. They will be participating in a cross-continental robot duel titled “USA vs. Japan” that is scheduled for August. So many would agree that these guys know their stuff, right? If you’re a fan of Megabots Inc., you may have wondered what they do in their free time. If so, this video is for you.

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After coming back from the Maker Faire, the boys at Megabots Inc. decided to blow off a little bit of steam by dropping a 500-pound knife on to a Toyota, because…well, why not? If you’re just dying to find out what happens to the car, I’ll give you a hint. It cuts through the car like butter and even chips the asphalt under the vehicle. Oh yeah.

Alright, now that the impatient people have no more reason to finish reading the article, we can get into the details of how this bizarre idea came about.

The American robotics company got the idea of dropping the massive knife onto a car after they showed off their MK. III super robot. Add to that, they had some leftover steel from one of their previous robots that didn’t make the cut. Ironic, right?

So before dumping the beat-up car at a scrapyard, these guys are thinking up ways to destroy it further. After much deliberation, they decide to suspend the massive knife from a 40-foot crane and drop it via a quick disconnect.

The video doesn’t show them getting the knife into the air, so you’ll have to use your imagination. But once they do have it suspended in air, one string pull and the massive knife hurls downward destroying the car.

As you might imagine, the damage was quite extensive as the knife slammed through the Toyota. For all the gory details, check out the full video below.