Deadpool Fans Create ‘Gaston’ Parody From Beauty and The Beast That Ryan Reynolds Would Be Proud of [VIDEO]

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The sequel to Deadpool isn’t scheduled for release until 2018, but that isn’t stopping fans from making parodies of highly acclaimed movies such as the new Beauty and The Beast film.


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The “Gaston” musical bit from the film might not seem like a likely vehicle for a Deadpool parody, which is probably what makes the parody so amusing.

In this hilarious six-minute video, created by Julian Higgins and Micheal Parker, Deadpool walks into a bar and makes fun of the stereotypical bartender who has nothing better to do than meddle in every patron’s life.


When the bartender gets tired of “The Merc with the Mouth” who won’t shut up, he warns Deadpool that if he doesn’t leave, there will be problems. As you can imagine, he stays and the bar soon turns into a musical bloodbath.


If you’re having problems imagining the raunchy comedy of Deadpool as a musical, you’re just beginning to understand why the parody is insanely funny. When the patrons of the bar start trying to kill Deadpool, the song begins, “No one’s slick as Deadpool/No one’s as quick as Deadpool/No one punches you right in the dick like Deadpool.”


They even implement Deadpool’s favorite food ever, a chimichanga, into the song as he stops the music for a moment to grab a few bites.

As the bar turns into a slaughterhouse, Deadpool enlists the help of a few fellow superhero friends as Black Widow, Rogue and Psylocke to help kill the bar patrons.


Spider-Man makes a cameo appearance, saving Deadpool by punching a man off of his back. The creators’ even pay homage to the comic book text box.


With all the bar patrons dead, the bartender, who started all of this mess, wants to know who will be cleaning this mess up. Deadpool calmly replies in typical Deadpool fashion, “not me.”


There is also a cameo of Wolverine who tells Deadpool to get out of the bar after he comes back for his stuffed unicorn sexual toy he accidentally left behind during the melee. Yeah, Deadpool is a weird guy.