Dad Lets Son Play with Roman Candle. He Immediately Regretted it. [VIDEO]

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The 4th of July gives people the perfect reason to shoot off countless fireworks in the celebration of America’s inception. After the 4th, there are plenty of videos that go viral showing fireworks being handled in outrageous and, often, dangerous ways. One dad thought this 4th would be the perfect time for some bonding time with his son, but he would soon come to regret that decision.

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In a video posted on Twitter, a dad gave his young son a Roman candle firework and recorded the results. The 19-second video shows the young boy doing different silly poses each time one of the fireworks shoots out.

The boy started with a simple pose of one arm in the air, but quickly shifted to a windmill motion to the amusement of his father, who is laughing uncontrollably.

The father breaks into a contagious giggle when his son bends over and spreads his legs to shoot the firework behind him. As his son goes through these poses, his father laughs harder and harder.

The boy, who was not about to let his father’s laughter die off because he ran out of poses, decided to do the ultimate trick that he knew would surely make his father laugh — shoot the Roman candle at his father at point blank range.

Needless to say, the father didn’t have this planned. But, hey, he was the one who gave his son the fireworks after all. Unfortunately, the video cuts off before we can see the father’s response to being shot by the Roman candle.

It’s safe to surmise that the father is going to think twice before he hands little Billy another firework. If there is anything positive from this event, it would have to be that this little boy will surely become the best Roman candle shooter on the block, which could come in handy down the road.

And people say social media isn’t good for anything.