Cop Pretends to Crack Down on Crowd at Football Game. Then Shows Them How It’s Done [VIDEO

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Most people have a preconceived notion that police officers are always serious, stern and humorless. There seems to be a constant focus on stories from the media of law enforcement mishandling situations and using excessive force, so it’s refreshing to see one officer break from that stigma to have a little fun.

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The Appleton Police Department in Wisconsin posted a video on their Facebook page Saturday that has since gone viral. Officer Jack Taschner was working security at Appleton East High School when he pulled a fast one on the students in the stands.

In the video, Taschner is seen approaching a rowdy group of students on the bleachers. It looked as if he was going to tell them they needed to calm down, but to the surprise of everyone in attendance, Taschner decided to have some fun.

He told the student who was leading the group in the bleachers to sit down, and he immediately took the opportunity to mimic a high-speed chase. As soon as the students realized what was happening, they began to cheer.

The students followed the officer’s lead as he pantomimed a car chase. When he leaned left, the gaggle of students would lean left, too. If he swerved right, they followed suit.

The students, in shock, cheered as the officer gave out high-fives to them for being good sports about the unexpected routine. Unfortunately for those hoping the applause would spur their team to win the game, they were sorely disappointed.

Appleton East faced off against their rival Appleton North and lost 49-7. But they can always look back at the fun of that moment on Facebook. The video has been viewed more than two million times.

Despite the game loss, the students learned a valuable lesson. Cops are human. Law enforcement officers have an intense job, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun with the community when they get the chance.