College Football Players Learn About Their Coach’s Secret Past. Then They Put on the Song. [VIDEO]

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College football coach, Alonzo Carter, proves to his players that he has quick feet on and off the field when he discloses that he used to be a lead dancer for MC Hammer back in the day. The players didn’t believe it until he started to show off his moves to the 1990 hit “U Can’t Touch This.”


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In the spur of the moment and with no time to rehearse, Carter just had to hope he could remember the moves. Judging by the reaction of his staff and players, he did just fine.

Carter actually had a lengthy career in several popular dance troupes in the 80’s and 90’s. He was actually the mastermind behind the dance moves of the Hammer hit, according to the Daily Mail.


People who used to work with him described him as a one-of-a-kind dancer with an “unbelievable work ethic.” Carter and the group he used to dance with created so much buzz at freestyle dance competitions that MC Hammer took notice and picked them up for his tour.


Unfortunately, MC Hammer’s fame and career were short-lived, and Carter found himself looking for a new career to pay the bills for his family.


He decided to take a job as a football coach at a local Oakland high school until he could another job dancing. Surprisingly, he found that he had a new passion, coaching football. After a mere three years, his team won the championship game.

Shortly after his success at the high school level, he made the jump to the collegiate level at San Jose State University.


“Everywhere he’s been, he’s been a winner,” The new head coach Brent Brennan said. “Every team he’s taken over has won. I just know he’ll be a dynamic recruiter for us and a real good mentor for the young men he is responsible for.”


He is still currently in his first season with the team as a running back coach but commends his one-time employer, MC Hammer, for his success. He is “the reason I’m here today,” Carter said. All Carter needs now to transport him back to his glory days on tour with Hammer are a pair of parachute pants.