Check Out What Happens After You Pop a Six-Foot-Wide Water Ballon on Top of Someone in Slow-Mo [VIDEO]

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The YouTube channel, “The SlowMo Guys,” has been featured on our site before. Remember the pair diving onto a trampoline with over 1,000 mouse traps on it? The duo is back with yet another fantastic slow motion video just waiting to go viral, and we’re here to help that happen.

The channel, which features Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, takes a simple premise that everyone is always fascinated by seeing things happy in slow-motion.

Free thought it would interesting to see what would happen if they slowly filled a gigantic six-foot-wide balloon with water as it laid on top of Gruchy on a trampoline. Then they’d burst the balloon and share the results in slow-mo. This could be fun.

As the video starts, Gruchy is lying on the trampoline with the uninflated water balloon on top of his crotch area. Free then turns on the water faucet, and the balloon begins to fill with water.

Everything seems to be fine as the two joke back and forth until the balloon begins to get larger as it fills, and the weight begins to push down on Gruchy.

As the balloon starts to take on the shape of a bean, Gruchy begins to realize that the balloon is actually getting quite heavy.

Still, as a true professional, he toughs it out so the balloon can get as large as possible in order to create a more entertaining video. To make Gruchy’s predicament more bearable, Free throws him some sunscreen and goggles to protect his eyes.

Unfortunately, Free is a terrible shot and ends up missing Gruchy completely. Oh well. Finally, the guinea pig has had enough of the experiment and says it’s time to pop the balloon – especially since he can’t feel his legs anymore.

Free tosses him a screwdriver to pop the monster water balloon, and within seconds, in all of its slow-mo glory, Gruchy slams the tool into the balloon.

The balloon releases the water at a rapid rate nearly drowning Gruchy in the resulting water explosion. Words cannot do this video justice, so check it out for yourself. Since it’s in slow-mo, you’ll be able to catch every glorious second of Gruchy’s drenching.