These Are the Weirdest Things Confiscated by TSA This Year – 2016

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If you are planning on doing some travel this holiday season, we offer up this public service announcement: check you bags. Double check. Triple check. Below is a visual run through of some of the more interesting items found in carry-on bags by the TSA in 2016. As you can see, some were honest mistakes. Others clearly intended to deceive. Who knew working for the TSA could be so interesting.

Here’s the list. If you want this kind of goodness on a regular basis, follow the TSA on Instagram.


Who wouldn’t want to keep their throwing knives handy on a flight from San Diego?


This is a highly effective tool. Nothing intimidates like a one-finger-brass-knife-glove-claw-thing.


This design is arguably defective. It would have been much more effective in the 80s when combs like this were everywhere.


Oops. I forgot that I accidentally packed my pistol in clay and left it inside my CPU. My bad.


This story likely ended with a TSA agent shooting the person who was trying to get this on board. Or it should have.


Again–how can you explain this one? Is there any way it could possibly be an honest mistake?


There are lots of reasons to bring sai on vacation, but remember to keep them in your checked baggage.


Someone really wanted their very little Kershaw on the plane with them. Wonder how much he got fined.


As concealed weapons go, this one sucks. It takes too long to open each blade by hand. And think of the sad teenager who had to face his father after the TSA took it away.


An innocent mistake?


Not so innocent. Those green-tipped rounds aren’t going to shoot themselves, but the smoke grenades could cause some serious confusion on a plane.


Mortar shells, on the other hand. Bad idea.


Anti-tank landmine. I actually would have thought this was an old-school cellulose reel-to-reel film.


Lucky wasn’t confiscated, but I bet he helped find some of the well hidden gems on the TSA’s naughty-list this year.


Even more confusing than a smoke grenade would be this flash-bang. Terrible idea for carry-on.


Even Bruce Wayne ran into trouble this year.


Your sword cane still has to go through the x-ray machine.


I wasn’t sure what was going to be hidden in this pink nightmare. Now I know.


You can take a gas mask on. That’s useful to know. You know, in case batman brings his smoke grenades.


This one is my favorite, and the hardest to explain. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments below.

H/T Jalopnik