Buzzfeed Tried to Beat Keanu Reeves’ Crazy Gun Training Time. Guess How They Did. [VIDEO]

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When the viral video came out of Keanu Reeves gun training for John Wick 2, it was impressive, to say the least. As it should be since he trained with one of the best gun expert around, Taran Butler. Buzzfeed employees decided that they could beat Reeves’ time on the course. They were wrong.


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Buzzfeed sent a couple of their people to the same place Reeves made that video, Taran Tactical Innovation, determined to beat his time. Butler is meticulous in his craft and gave an in-depth walkthrough of each weapon the two would be using before they began.


Reeves used a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle in the video, so to keep competition fair between the two, the Buzzfeed folk used the same weapons.


To start their pistol training, they began working on their draw and the holstering of the weapon. One of the Buzzfeed shooters claimed it wasn’t as hard as he expected when he began shooting live ammo. Butler was a strict teacher with the shotgun and rifle and wouldn’t let the pair continue until they had their maneuvers down pat.


Once the pair had been adequately trained, it was time fto complete the course as Reeves did. Butler walked them through how Reeves did it exactly, even down to punching a dummy in the face as he ran by.


The course consisted of 19 targets and Reeves’ time to beat was 19:21, so essentially a target a second. The first Buzzfeed shooter started out strong, hitting his first 14 targets without missing.

But because he had trouble releasing the safety on his shotgun, he lost a good three to four precious seconds that would have given him a time closer time to Reeves’. His final time was 24:77.


McKinney, on the other hand, had an all around rough time. She hit all her targets without missing and didn’t have the shotgun malfunction like her friend, but when she moved through the course she was somewhat lethargic and second guessing herself the entire way. She finished with 36:22, way beyond Reeves’ time.


All in all, they turned in respectable times for their first time running the course. But, I mean, come on, why even bother? Keanu Reeves is bada**, so just admit it.