Amazing Green Screen Pics Show How Hollywood Magic Works

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Special effects give moviemakers the ability to craft outlandish worlds and play out scenarios that are, at times, impossible to create in the real world. CGI and green screen technology can make the impossible possible in films. These behind-the-scenes photos give a glimpse into how iconic scenes are created, and some are quite revealing.

Harry Potter Franchise

The Harry Potter franchise was built around magic. In order to give viewers the feeling that the world was genuinely separate from their reality, green screens were used to make objects and actors float and fly.

Game of Thrones

Creating a world filled with dragons made green screen technology and CGI an essential part of the show’s production. A green stick allowed Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke, to interact with her dragons.

The Avengers

Giving other characters the ability to interact with The Hulk was critical throughout the Avengers franchise. Mark Ruffalo – who played Bruce Banner / The Hulk – donned a CGI suit to help make it possible.

Life of Pi

A genuine CGI wonder, the film relied heavily on CGI and green screens to create the stunning scenery as well as the tiger traveling on the boat.

I Am Legend

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the movie occurs when Robert, played by Will Smith, is attacked by his canine companion after it got infected. To make it possible, a man wore a green morph suit and held a mock-up of the dog’s head, giving Robert something to battle.

Space Jam

CGI and green screens made it possible for Michael Jordan to interact with cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny.

The Matrix

The dodging moves in The Matrix were gravity-defying. By using green screen technology, CGI, wires, and other special effects tricks, the final look of the film made it seem like anything was possible.

h/t 24/7 Mirror