$80,000 Won on Price is Right Wheel in One Session. Internet Goes Crazy [VIDEO]

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The Price is Right has had some outrageous moments throughout its years on TV. It just so happened that on the 46th season finale, one of the most improbable things happened. This one is sure to be a part of the Price is Right’s best episodes as three contestants amassed $80,000, and the internet went crazy.

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The host of the show, Drew Carey, was entering his 10th season and wanted to commemorate the moment. So every time someone landed on $1.00, they would automatically win $10,000.

For one of the three contestants to win this just once would be a feat in itself, but for all three contestants to land on the $1.00 consecutively was inconceivable. But that is exactly what happened.

The first contestant hits the $1 mark on his first try, then the second contestant spun and also landed on $1. The third contestant you would think has absolutely no chance of hitting the $1 mark on his first try, and you would be correct. It took the third contestant two tries to earn $10,000.

If that wasn’t spectacular enough, the contestants continued to have the magic touch. Since all three contestants won their previous spin, they all got to spin again. Wouldn’t you know it, the first two hit the $1 mark a second time earning them an additional $25,000.

The crowd and Carey were visibly stunned. Unfortunately, for the third contestant lady luck had run her course, and he narrowly missed the chance to win $25,000.

When the first two contestants won $35,000 each and a chance to spin a third time, Carey seemed lost on what should happen next as no contestant had ever gotten that far on consecutive spins.

Carey could be heard asking an off-screen person how much the contestants would win if they landed on $1.00 again. Luckily for Carey and the showrunners, it wouldn’t matter as luck had run out for the contestants.

On the third spin, no one hit the mark. Twitter had a field day creating memes and tweets.

It’s still impressive that contestants of the show were able to amass $80,000 in as little as five spins. Watch the video of the madness below.