5 Best Game of Throne Theories for the Final Season [VIDEO]

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As we begin the wait until 2019 to finish the Game of Thrones saga, there are already countless fan theories as to what could happen in the eighth and final season. Obviously, if you have any interest in this show and are not yet caught up on all the episodes, this is your spoiler alert.

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Arya or Jaime Will Kill Cersei

With the way things ended between Cersei and Jaime in season 7, it’s all but confirmed that Jaime will fulfill his destiny and kill Cersei as he did the Mad King. She is all alone in Kings Landing with no allies to speak of besides the Grayjoy.

But what if the showrunners have been playing everyone with who would actually kill Cersei? Now, this theory is a longshot, but it is still within the realm of possibility. With Jaime heading to Winterfell to battle the White Walkers, could Cersei come in contact with Arya, the girl who has a list full of Lannisters she wishes dead?

She could kill Jaime and use his face as a mask and kill Cersei. This would fulfill both the fan theories and make those loyal to House Stark ecstatic. Arya would finally kill the “last Lannister that counts.”

Jon Snow Finds Out He is a Targaryen.

This isn’t necessarily a theory; it’s an actual fact. Jon Snow will discover he is a Targaryen. I mean, most of us figured this out two seasons ago. With this happening, Daenerys could feel threatened that he is the rightful King of the Iron Thrones.

Plus, we will more than likely get to see Jon ride one of the two remaining dragons. Someone has to kill the zombie dragon the Night King has now.

Jon Betrays Daenerys

Keeping in line with the Targaryens, the theory of Jon sacrificing Daenerys has been gaining traction within the community. Jon will have to sacrifice to be able to defeat the White Walkers.

Theorists suggest that Jon may be the Prince Who Was Promise, meaning he is a legendary hero who has to sacrifice his love by stabbing her in the heart to unleash the full power of the weapon.

Theon Will Redeem Himself and Kick Ass

Theon Grayjoy has been a less than favorable character in recent seasons. The man who essentially stole the North from the Starks has all but fallen from grace after his capture with Ramsey Bolten.

In season seven, Theon jumped ship (literally) when his sister was kidnapped by his uncle Euron. Towards the end of the same season, Jon gives him words of encouragement and Theon ends up killing a man that serves his uncle. Theon will surely play a greater role in the final season.

Bran is the Night King

This theory has been making its way around the interweb for the entire season. Besides the visual similarities, Reddit user NegativeKarmaSnIIfer makes the argument that Bran caused most of the cataclysmic events that took place in Game of Thrones.

In his theory, Negative thinks that Bran, since he can travel back in time, somehow messed everything up. He tried to whisper in the Mad King’s ear which lead him to kill his own people.

Another point regarding this theory that Bran could be the Night King. He somehow messed up the past, and now he is trying to stop himself from destroying the world. This theory is rather lengthy, so watch the video above for more info.

“A Lannister Always Pays Their Debts,” Will Be The Undoing of Kings Landing

This theory has some real plausibility. During the seventh season, Cersei pays back her debts to the Iron Bank. The Lannisters have been in debt with the bank since the beginning of the series.

Tycho Nestoris, a representative of the Iron Bank, was surprised to hear the family would be paying back their large debt. Cersei thinks this will allow them to use their services once more, but Reddit user Fellation Nelson thinks this could be the undoing of the entire Lannister family.

Nelson claims that the bank always had a vested interest in the Lannisters, and this is one of the reasons why Tywin never paid them back. If the bank has received the gold it was owed, and you’re on the losing side (which Cersei, at this point in time, definitely is) the bank would have no interest in keeping them alive.

Nestoris even says as much in a possible moment of foreshadowing. He explains to Cersei that the bank will side with the most plausible Victor. Without their men, Cersei has no chance to defeat the Targaryens.

Surely more theories will be put forth as fans begin the long wait for the final season.