Thousands of Parents Question Choice to Name Daughters “Khaleesi” After Most Recent Game of Thrones Episode

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Game of Thrones will be airing its final episode of the series this Sunday. Millions have put eight-plus years into the shows, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans of the show have named their children after their favorite characters. In 2018 alone, there were 560 girls named after the “Mother of Dragons.” But after last week’s episode, they may regret it.


Last week’s pinnacle episode, “The Bells,” showed Khaleesi going insane and burning an entire kingdom, including countless innocent lives in Westeros. Obviously, many fans did not agree with the direction taken by the writing staff. For the past seven seasons, Khaleesi was always a strong independent woman who wasn’t afraid to lay waste to her enemies with her dragon’s flame breath, but she was never one to needlessly kill innocents.

There were little tidbits of foreshadowing that had many fans speculating she would turn into the epitome of what she hated — “The Mad King,” which happened to be her father. With Khaleesi turning to the dark side and becoming “The Mad Queen” in this episode, fans who named their daughters Khaleesi have mixed opinions on whether they made the right decision.

“I’m still standing beside her,” said Katherine Acosta, a mother who named her child Khaleesi after a difficult pregnancy. “I think she did what she had to do.”

Acosta thinks her daughter may like the name, even more, when she is old enough to watch the show.  “She could say, ‘Wow, she was a bad b, she did what she had to do,” she said. “That’s how I see it, and hopefully she sees it the same way, cuz she’s just as bad.”

Some fans found humor in the fact that they named their daughter after a genocidal, power-hungry queen. Nikki Sotto told BuzzFeed: “What girl hasn’t overreacted when they see their whole world crumbling around them?” she said. “I feel for her. I’m just bummed Jon [Snow] and her have to be related. I wanted them to live happily ever after.”

“The Bells” episode has become the worst rated episode in show’s history. Now, add to that all the disgruntled fans who now have to drive all the way down to the Clerk of Courts to change their daughters’ names.