10 Former Celebrities That Now Work Regular Day Jobs

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Have you ever encountered somebody and thought they looked a little familiar? Maybe you were getting a coffee and started muttering to yourself “Isn’t that the guy from…” while looking at the barista. Well, you might’ve been right. Whether they tired of the spotlight or their career just didn’t pan out as they hoped, here are some former celebrities who now have normal jobs.

job 1

Peter Ostrum
Ostrum only had one film role in his entire life and that was as Charlie Bucket in Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory back in 1971. While shooting the film, Ostrum developed an interest in horses and now works as a veterinarian at the Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Lowville, New York.

job 2

Kirk Cameron
Best known back in the late ’80s and early ’90s as Mike Seaver in the sitcom Growing Pains, Cameron walked away from a blossoming career to train Christians in evangelism in the ministry he co-founded, The Way of the Master.

job 3

Nikki Blonsky
Blonsky has struggled to find steady roles since playing Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 hit movie Hairspray, so now she spends time between auditions working part-time in an actual salon as a hairstylist and make-up artist in her hometown of Great Neck, New York.

job 4

Tony Danza
Everybody loved him as Tony Banta in Taxi and Tony Micelli Who’s the Boss? but he was simply Mr. Danza when he worked as a 10th grade English teacher at Northeast High School in Philadelphia in 2009-10. It was for a reality show, but definitely a step away from being an actor and professional boxer.

job 5

Chris Owen
Most people would struggle to name a film Owen has been in besides being the Sherminator in the American Pie franchise. That’s probably why he now works as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California, while he awaits another pointless American Pie cash in.

job 6

Vanilla Ice
Robert “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle is the epitome of a one-hit-wonder, known almost solely for Ice Ice Baby. Despite his best efforts to stay in the entertainment business, Van Winkle has had resort to real estate investment and home renovations, as well as teaching new investors how to make a profit, just to pay the bills.

job 7

M.C. Hammer
Like Vanilla Ice, Stanley “M.C. Hammer” Burrell was just a flash in the pan with U Can’t Touch This. Living slightly above his means, Hammer had to find a way to get his head above water after accumulating a $13 million debt and filing for bankruptcy, so now he develops iPad apps, preaches and officiates weddings.

job 8

Jeff Cohen
Cohen’s career came to an end after doing the truffle shuffle as Chunk in The Goonies so now he works as a lawyer in Los Angeles, co-founding the Cohen & Gardner firm in Beverly Hills. In his spare time, Cohen also contributes articles on business and legal matters to The Huffington Post and CNBC.

job 9

Most will remember Tiffany Darwish by only her first name and for her cover of I Think We’re Alone Now when she was 16 years old. Her music career nosedived so she posed naked for Playboy in 2002, then opened her vintage store, Tiffany’s Boutique, on Highway 76 in White House, Tennessee, which closed in 2015.

job 10

Danny Lloyd
Much like Peter Ostrum, Danny Lloyd only had one major role as a child, playing Danny Torrence in The Shining when he was five years old. Aside from one TV movie, Lloyd never acted again and now works as a biology professor at a community college in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.