Epic Parenting Win: Dad Sends Five Kids Through College for Free by Working as a Janitor at the School

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How much are you willing to sacrifice for your kids? Cliches aside, what would you be willing to give up? Would you work as a janitor–for 15 years–so your kids could go to college?

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That’s exactly what Fred Vautour has done. Vautour works as a custodian on the grounds of Boston College. And it wasn’t about the rock-tar paycheck BC janitors make. It has more to do with his five children.

See Boston College allows the children of staff and faculty to attend the college for free. If the students are qualified to attend BC, they can go for free.


Boston College is a highly selective institution, so this isn’t a guarantee. But Vautour had confidence in his kids’ abilities, and trusted that they’d make the right decision and attend BC if they were accepted.

And all five of them were. His first daughter was accepted in 1998, and his last daughter graduated this year. All five were accepted–moments which Vautour commemorated by framing the acceptance letters.


Five kids at BC–that comes out to more than $700,000 in tuition, had they paid out-of-pocket. That’s not bad for janitorial work

Vautour was determined to provide for the kids, but wanted them to make their own decisions. As he says in the video below, he “set the expectations and provided the means.” The kids handled the rest.


“You live for your kids,” Vautour says. He began the janitorial work when he was 44. He’s now 62. And now that his last child has graduated, he has some decisions to make. Is it time for this epic example of good parenting skills to consider a career change, or will he stick it with Boston College until it is time for his own graduation?

Either way–this is what parenting is about.