Editorial and Advisory Board

The Tribunist.com Editorial and Advisory Board is a board of third party influencers and media experts who assist in determining the editorial direction of Tribunist.com and its social media efforts. Board members also directly take part in the management of social media properties.

Board Members

Dakota Meyer

Currently, Dakota Meyer hosts a weekly podcast entitled “Owning It” and is a frequent guest on various network news programs. Meyer is a Marine veteran who served as a Scout Sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meyer earned the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan.

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John Burk

John Burk is a motivational speaker, social media consultant, sales rep for several companies, CEO of In the arena fitness, and is well known for his viral Facebook videos. John is an Army veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. John is the administrator of the Tribunist Instagram account.

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Chad Prather

Chad Prather is an American humorist and motivational speaker known for a series of YouTube videos in which he comments on life, politics and current events. He is known for his way with words; he is a comedian, armchair philosopher, and musician who is often referred to as “the modern day Will Rogers”.

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Chad Baker

Chad Baker is an active police officer and comedian who is known for his humerous social media videos about police work. Baker is also strongly involved in humanitarian and charity work.

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Officer Daniels

Officer Daniels is a Director the non-profit, Humanizing the Badge. He is one of the funniest individuals on the planet with a huge heart for both law enforcement and the community. He has used one of the largest law enforcement social media platforms to change people’s lives.

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Amiri King

Amiri King is a D-list superstar conservative legend, ex-con extraordinaire who now motivates, teaches, writes, and builds spaceships for NASA. He is also best friends with Dakota Meyer. He’s known for his outrageous videos, crude rants, and exceptional good looks. Amiri’s reputation precedes him as being much funnier than Officer Daniels.

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