The Best Young Russian Movement: Stop a Douchebag

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Stop A Douchebag2
Youtube Video screen capture

Stop a Douchebag is one of the most surreal activist movements I have heard of. In Russia, drivers etiquette is so poor that its not uncommon for cars to drive on the sidewalk to get around traffic.  A movement, primarily of young men in their twenties, has risen up to stop this in a surprisingly non-violent way.

Founded by Dmitry Chungov in 2010 in Moscow, the movement is dedicated to make the sidewalks safe and raising the bar for driving etiquette. The movement is spread out across Russia and the former Soviet Union, primarily made up of twenty somethings.

The patrols, or ‘raids’ as one Moscow-based director calls them, are mostly improvised, with unaffiliated citizens showing up to  help. Many are motivated by personal frustrations with the state of driving etiquette, and of all the informal youth groups to join, this is one of the most productive and least violent. In fact, the organization has a strict policy of non-violence, with members often getting hit by cars and suffering mild trauma.

According to Mauran Mukhamed, the only policy as strict as this is the refusal to let anyone drive on the side walk without being sent to the back of traffic. The only exception that was made, according to Mukhamed, are people in a panic over a flight, but even they are forced back to where the left traffic.

Even a pregnant woman was stopped, although Mukhamed’s group had the deny to call an ambulance so she would be able to deliver her child.

Further, the movement’s videos have gone semi-viral around the world.  See it for yourself!