AWKWARD: Drunk Driver Plows Through Sign, Into Police Station Conference Room

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We know drunk drivers frequently end up in jail, but they usually get driven there by the boys in blue. But an Ohio man decided to cut-out-the-middle-man and drove his Ford Fusion straight into the side of the Ohio State Patrol Post in Sandusky Ohio. [Scroll Down for Video]

Dakota Clouse ended his night rather early when he drove into the building. As he was not wearing his seat belt, Clouse was thrown from the car (which managed to demolish the exterior wall of an empty conference room).


The State Patrol officers (who were able to respond to the scene of the accident in record time) were generous enough to treat Mr. Clouse for his wounds, and then promptly shipped him off a local hospital. When they’re finished both treating him, they will all laugh and point as Clouse departs for his new digs down at the Erie County Jail.

In addition to being mocked locally and nationwide, Mr. Clouse has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, driving under suspension, and failure to control a motor vehicle and a seat belt violation, said the Sandusky Register.


“Operating a vehicle” seems like a stretch, and any use of the word “driving” in relation to Mr. Clouse must be said the use of air quotes and the knowing rolling of eyes. Crashing, though–driving his car straight into the side of a police station–Clouse is certainly guilty of that one. And the seat belt violation, too–just to rub it in.

In the video above, you can skip ahead to the 27 second mark for the visual definition of irony. It looks as if Clause is going fast and hits what is reported to be a (rather solid) stone sign. This impact throws the car to the side, and through the wall of the conference room.

After handling triage and surveying the damage, the OHSP tweeted images of the event with this message: “A car crashed into the OSHP Sandusky Post last night. Investigation is underway. Alcohol/speed = suspected factors.”

Nothing like a little understatement to help lighten the mood. I think he was just trying to turn himself in.