Meet Your New Favorite Nerd Artist: Dave Pollot

The picture above might look vaugely familiar, sans the shiny metal ass. If so, don’t worry. That’s Dave Pollot’s speciality. Dave takes classical works of art and carefully inserts geek culture references. From Bender to the Falcon, Dave has carefully and skillfully replicated the style of a variety…

80s Style 8-Bit Guardians of the Galaxy

Ever wonder what Guardians of the Galaxy would look like if a 1980s videogame company had to make it? Well, your weirdly specific Starlord worthy demands have been answered in this 8-bit trailer! Here’s hoping for a proper release some day (Starlord would love it.)

Fallout 4 Player Mods Their Dog In

Dog companions has been a mainstay of the Fallout franchise since Fallout 3, but for one fan they weren’t quite enough. 7giger, in one of the first mods for Fallout 4, got to work bringing his own dog into the digital space. As he explained on the Nexus:…

Lego Rex Coming to a Console Near You!(Video)

The Lego games have an…uncanny ability to turning an intense action series into a bizzare slapstick comedy (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Cariabean). Now you can add Jurassic World to the list. Here’s the preview to prove it: